Ethnic Minority Hub (EMH) is a space for for Africans living in Ireland welcomed friends to come together and highlight our hopes to integrate with a united front as leverage to be fully included and valued in Irish society whilst working to empower each other to improve our confidence and actively participate in Irish society.
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It's always been your way to put all efforts into whatever you believe in and you've just proved the point, once again as the "GOAL-GETTER". It's been so wonderful to be part of this meaningful gathering, fair play to you Katie. You're indeed a worthy Convener.
For me, joining the Ethnic Minority Hub is a real blessing. Almost a few months ago I was very much fortunate to meet a great woman called Catherine. She told me and my colleague about this organization. And I was so touched listening to her and how passionate she is in helping minority people in society. The group has helped me a lot in accessing the council housing form and other very important information relating to solicitor advice on my asylum claim, business, etc. And they are very much willing to help people in direct provision centers here in Longford and other minority groups.
I found Ethnic Minorities Hub to a be a great source of information for myriad of issues confronting immigrants in Ireland. Its meetings are insightful with guest speakers offering practical solutions to housing, medical , educational, business issues among others.
Thank you sis Catherine for all your work you are doing and also a big thank you to Lauren and Amy for there hard work , to all the members on the group thank you for this year and it is a privileged to be on this group and also to meet such lovely people as yourselves, last day happy Christmas to everybody and hope to see you or hear from you in the next year by the grace of God.
The ethnic minorities Hub has helped me a lot especially build my communication skills, team work and leadership skills. Also Catherine helped through some difficulties I faced with the CAO.