Ethnic Minority Hub (EMH) is a space for for Africans living in Ireland welcomed friends to come together and highlight our hopes to integrate with a united front as leverage to be fully included and valued in Irish society whilst working to empower each other to improve our confidence and actively participate in Irish society.
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About Ethnic Minority Hub

Who We Are

Our main objective has been to empower minority groups with skills, knowledge, and leadership spirit, with a mission of creating a sustainable inclusive environment. Not to leave behind the need to address climate change by equipping minority group with skills and knowledge on recycling and responsible climate action plans. The organization has also been working on addressing mental health issues within the migrants’ communities.

Relevant Experiences

Ethnic Minority Hub stands out because we have been in the frontline in helping minority groups in settling and integrating with locals. We have been running different projects around Longford and westmeath such as mental health workshops in partnership with HSE, Youth Sports, creative and cultural activities for members and the public.

Our Objectives

⮚ To promote unity amongst ethnic minorities and to have a voice in Irish society.
⮚ To promote social inclusion, equality, human rights, and social justice.
⮚ To discuss the socio-economic, cultural, and environmental conditions we live in, and to identify challenges for individuals and communities.
⮚ To promote good health amongst migrants’ communities
⮚ Creating opportunities to improve cultural awareness.
⮚ To support members to access available services and supports.