Ethnic Minority Hub (EMH) is a space for for Africans living in Ireland welcomed friends to come together and highlight our hopes to integrate with a united front as leverage to be fully included and valued in Irish society whilst working to empower each other to improve our confidence and actively participate in Irish society.
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Our Mission

Ethnic minority hub is an independent non-governmental organisation that promotes inclusion, equality and supports for migrants living in Ireland.

Who We Are

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Real Impact

Impacting the lives of many Disadvantaged families and individuals.

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Our Volunteers are making a real difference.

Environment Protection

Caring for the Environment and protection Biodiversity.

Who We Are

Ethnic Minority Hub

We are A non-governmental organisation based in the Midlands.

Our Mission is to create enabling environment for migrants and other minorities living in Longford and westmeath,for them to have access to information, to be supported, to be heard, be included and to fully participate in the Irish society.

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Join your hand with us for a better life and beautiful future.

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